Synergetica Tutor Centre is an official CPD provider for the following associations:

natural healers association

All professional people who render public service are obliged to do regular continuous professional development in order to stay up to date with current trends in the industry, legislative regulations and research.
The purpose is to apply good practice principles in order to provide quality services to the public.

CPD Registration:
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CPD training includes the following categories:

  • Ethics and client rights
  • Professional practice management
  • Counselling tools and techniques
  • Screening and health profiling techniques and devices
  • Legal guidelines and scope of practice


CPD training is your opportunity as member to enrich yourself personally and extend your professional competence. The CPD training is offered and presented by Synergetica Academy and certified by the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (SAQA ID 984) with designations registered on the National Qualifications Framework.


cpd training

Examples of available CPD’s (3 points each)

  • Couns CPD 1701 : Mindbody medicine
  • Couns CPD 1702 : Relationship counselling.
  • Couns CPD 1703 : Stress management
  • Couns 1704 : Counselling and clinical support for stress.
  • Couns 1705 : Ethics: Client rights.
  • Couns 1706 : Counselling techniques: The placebo phenomenon.
  • Nat Med CPD 1701 : Principles of Natural Medicine.
  • Nat Med 1702 : Dealing with Chronic inflammation
  • Nat Med 1704 : Herbal antibiotics and antivirals
  • CPD 18.1 : Ethics: Scope of practice for wellness counsellors
  • CPD 18.2 : Practice management
  • CPD 18.3 : The use of body language in counselling
  • CPD 18.4 : Neuro Linguistic Programming for counsellors

How to order CPD's?


CPD’s can be completed via distance training in doing an easy assignment based on the content.
Most CPD’s are available in PowerPoint format and visually illustrated.